Lesson Plans

Understanding that our team cannot be in every classroom that would like to engage with Operation250, we would like to share our lesson plans for you to use in your classroom. Below are lesson plans thought of, developed, and finalized by the Operation250 team and our partners. These lessons have been made to achieve the impact the organization looks to have; they can either be combined to develop a unit with overarching goals, or they can also be one-off lessons that achieve the learning objectives outlined at the top of each lesson.

Next to each lesson is a brief description, the age group we built it for, and the estimated time needed to complete the lesson. When you use a lesson, please contact us and let us know of your experience. Continue to check back in to see what new lessons are posted by the team!

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Online behavior

A lesson focusing on the issue of online disinhibition and making risky decisions online. This lesson uses activities, discussions, and case studies to enhance the understanding of online decision making and risk assessment on the internet.

Age (Grade): 13-15 (8th & 9th)

Length: 45 minutes

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In & Out Groups, Stereotypes, Prejudice, & Hate

This lesson is about hate, how hateful thinking can resonate, and the core elements that can foster hateful ideas. This lesson combines a series of activities, handouts, and discussions about in and out-group, stereotypes, hate, racism, sexism and more.

Age (Grade): 14-15 (9th & 10th)

Length: 45 Minutes

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Social Media THreats

This lesson casts a wide net into the threats posed on social media. This is a lesson into social media behavior and addresses some of the threats and actions that can be taken on social media websites. This lesson employs a variety of specifically built case studies and group work exercises to achieve the learning objective.

Age (Grade): 13-14 (6th Grade)

Length: 60-70 Minutes

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Virtual Invisibility

A introductory lesson plan for elementary and middle school students into why the behavior we exhibit online is typically more risky than that we would offline. Where in the real world are we invisible? How does this impact our decision making? This is a great, quick, intro lesson into the psychological role of the internet on our decisions.

Age (Grade): 9-12 (4th-7th)

Length: 45-50 Minutes