What we offer


Operation250 has both an online and an offline presence. Our organization seeks to educate about online safety and violent extremism in an engaging and critical way for children, parents, and teachers. The online platform exists to offer our materials to all interested individuals who may not have the ability to work directly with our team. But, most of our work is done offline in local classrooms, we work out of the greater Boston area and currently have the ability to travel around the northeast region of the United States.  

Op250 offers a series of program options for local educators to choose from. Some of these programs combine components of the online educational platform, but many facets of these programs are only available to the school districts with whom we are partnered.  

Our programs are based on interactive and engaging activities that insight critical thinking within children around the topics of online safety, hate, terrorism and radicalization. 

If you are interested in working with the Op250 team, please reach out to us via our Contact page

If you would like more specific information on the research underlying our work, and our educational method, please see our Educator's Guide


Below is a list of programs options frequently provided by the team:

1. Classroom Visits and Presentations

This is an Op250 travelling program. The objective of classroom visits is to provide students and teachers with the opportunity to work one on one with the Op250 team and to gain knowledge from their expertise. Programs are designed to be as short as two hours or as long as full day events. Programs are comprised of lectures from the team on terrorism, online safety and radicalization. These lectures are delivered in compliment with engaging activities designed to insight discussion among peers. Most programs are created to fit the unique needs of each school or youth program. A team representative will work with you to decide the best activities and presentations for your children based on age, prior knowledge, and interests. 

2. Train the Trainer

We understand that we cannot be the only ones to run in-class events, which is why we find the train-the-trainer model so important. We will work with you to implement a system or set of materials into your classroom. This can be an entirely remote collaboration of exchanging information and materials, or we can develop an in-person workshop with a group of teachers. Lastly, we can take a look at existing curriculum and work with you to implement materials, insert a lesson, or review the activities being used right now.


Online Educational Resources Offered by Operation250:

1. Lesson Plans

Operation250 has designed and developed lessons for teachers to use and implement into their classrooms. Visit our Operation250 Lesson Plan Page to download and implement one of our lessons into your classroom today!

2. Op250 Table Talks & Op250 Readings

Our Table Talks are a tiered system of conversation starters designed specifically to be implemented by educators in the classroom. They are made to spark discussion between students around common topics of terrorism and radicalization (online safety coming soon), through a series of questions, case studies, and parables.

Op250 readings are 5-7 paged documents that provide information in a linear, historically relevant, and modernly contextual manner. The Readings cover a series of topics related to terrorism, radicalization, and online safety. The primary objective of these documents is to ensure educators are equipped with factual, relevant, and tailored information about these specific topics so they may implement and guide productive in class conversations. Some Readings have been designed to be implemented in compliment with a specific Table Talk (conversation starter) and others have been created in autonomy. Educators who are piloting our Readings often print them out for students to be read in class before discussion.

3. Case Studies

As a subsidiary to our lesson plans, we have designed case studies for lessons and activities. These case studies are based on true events and have been developed to fit into certain age groups and lessons to best achieve particular learning objectives.