ISIS and the Lonely Young American

The conversations between a young woman in rural Washington State and a British man with ties to radical Islam may provide clues about how ISIS recruits new members around the world. This can be applied to Berger's Model, which outlines the techniques used in recruitment.


This is a simplified model of the recruitment process involved in radicalization.
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Useful Definitions
Propaganda biased or misleading information to promote a political ideology or point of view.
Political Ideology the principals, ideas, symbols, or even myths that make up the belief system of a political (or politically motivated) group.
Methodology a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activities.
Grooming to prepare or train someone for a particular purpose or activity.
Encrypted Conceal or hide date by converting it into a code. In encrypted messaging, the messages are converted into a code so the message can only be seen by the sender and the intended recipient.